The Kingpin Track
Kingpin is a Strategic Thinking Workshop where your employees play our acclaimed Strategy Board Game to discover their Hidden Personality Traits and hone their potential in Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation.

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Negotiation Skills
Strategic Decision Making
Open Communication
Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Skills
Like it or not, negotiation skills are crucial to every organization. Despite this, negotiation remains little understood. Negotiation is never about getting your way. Neither is negotiation about giving in; ever! Kingpin forces you to recognize that. You will also learn to befriend your opponents by exploring common interests and creating opportunities for mutual gain.
  • Workshop Structure
Kingpin, the workshop, offers participants an opportunity to discover their negotiation temperament and their ability to make strategic decisions quickly by exposing them to high-pressure situations involving complex parameters. The workshop begins with an ice-breaker session followed by a primer presentation about the basics of negotiation and strategic decision making. Groups of 6 are formed and participants begin playing Kingpin, the game, while moderators offer strategic tips and provide individualised suggestions as the game progresses.

Game-play is paused twice (for a brief period of about 10 minutes) for the participants to take time and reflect on their strategies and clear out their doubts and apprehensions. During these Strategic Time-Outs, our facilitators get into short presentations which help in connecting theories about negotiation and decision making with practical experiences derived from the game. Based on the judgment of our facilitators, further strategies are presented and complex deals introduced in the game allowing participants to get creative and explore further.

A friendly but competitive mood of the workshop is maintained at all times; this allows participants to unwind and enjoy the session while retaining their focus on key concepts. A detailed post evaluation with individual notes and observations is the primary take-away for the participants. This drives home the learnings from the workshop and uncovers an individual's key improvement areas.
Kingpin, the game, is our Mergers and Acquisitions board game. Participants indulge in role play to experience the thrill and challenges faced by key management personnel at any company.

The task in front of the participants is to build a business empire starting from scratch. They compete to set up industries and service agencies with a view to make subsequent profits from their initial investments.

The Kingpin Box
As the game progresses, participants have to raise capital by stake dilution, enter into agency contracts and enhance company ratings for better revenue prospects. As they get comfortable with the rules of the game and assets on offer, participants strive to strike complex deals and experiment with various negotiation tactics. They get a flavor of the kind of strategic decision making required at the top echelons of a business and have to reconcile with their own past choices, learning all along the way. Finally, participants get to experience the rush of making takeover bids for rival companies and winners begin to emerge.

The Kingpin Board The Kingpin Track
Kingpin has been much acclaimed for the sheer number and variety of strategies which are possible. The way participants handle various opportunities and threats in the game provides observers a great peek into their personalities. Participants themselves gain insight into their attitudes towards risk and ambiguity among others.
Titan Industries
Titan Industries conducts a year-long program for evaluating middle managers to be promoted as business heads. Kingpin, the workshop, was conducted as part of this program to evaluate Titan managers on their negotiation skills, strategic decision making and risk appetite. The average age of the participants was about 40. Individual, one-on-one feedback was given to each participant at the end. The same feedback was also shared with Human Resources at Titan to help in their internal evaluation of candidates.

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"Excellent program! Simple, but quite educative."
-Ashis Obedanand, Senior Manager, Titan Industries

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iRunway is a leading IP Litigation support provider based out of Bangalore. It is a company of about 80 people which hires engineers exclusively from the IITs. Kingpin, the workshop, was open to its employees from all departments and designations. The participants of the workshop ranged from tech-support to the CEO of iRunway. One of the participants was Vineet Sharma, Head of HR at iRunway and this is what he had to say about us:

"Kingpin is a great game for camaraderie building at workplaces!"
-Vineet Sharma, Head, HR, iRunway India

Vista 2010
Vista is the annual business festival of IIM Bangalore. It is one of the biggest business festivals in India. The flagship event of Vista is called "Numero Uno", a hunt for the best manager in India. Numero Uno is a complete 2 day event with only 1 contestant representing their respective college. Kingpin was used in a competitive environment as one of the rounds of Numero Uno and had participation from 17 colleges.

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"It can serve as a Business 101 in Business schools"
-Amit Haralalka, IIM Lucknow
"Definitely has the potential to kick Monopoly out of the market!"
-Pascal Noel, WHU Koblenz, Germany

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Eximius 2010
Eximius is the annual entrepreneurship festival of IIM Bangalore. Kingpin was introduced as a separate event at Eximius. It witnessed a tremendous response with more than 90 participants competing to win. The participant group comprised MBA students with more than 5 years of experience, PhD and executive MBA students with more than 8 years of experience and working professionals undergoing part-time programs at IIM Bangalore.

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"It enabled me to showcase my deal making abilities in real life situations"
-Ashutosh N. Goyal, IIM Bangalore

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5Shells is devoted to developing interactive content which delivers a Unique Training Experience. Our trainings are based on Indigenously Created Games.

5Shells is inspired from the famous Indian game of Pacheesi or Chaupad in which five or seven kaudiyan (small sea shells) are used in place of dice. This makes the process of throwing the shells a matter of skill as well as luck versus throwing dices which is pure luck. Pacheesi is a very intense and involving game developed in Ancient India which far overtakes Ludo in game play. The sheer intensity of Pacheesi motivated us to call ourselves 5Shells.

The 5Shells team comprises IIT-IIM-NID graduates.

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